Using psychology and neuroscience to unlock unique solutions to global conflict


Combining academic disciplines to build research programs applicable to the lived experience


Building bridges between academic, government, and non-government organizations


Translating scientific findings into actionable, real-world solutions

Mindbridge is a not-for-profit organization connecting psychological and neurobiological insight to non-profit and government-sponsored humanitarian efforts.

Helping NGOs and government institutions engage more thoughtfully with target populations.

Designing assessment tools individually tailored to your program or organization’s needs.

Linking cutting-edge research at our nation’s leading laboratories to negotiators, political leaders, and field workers across the globe.

Study Design

Mindbridge facilitates quantitative and qualitative studies designed to gain insight to the implicit, psychological drivers behind target population behavior and beliefs.

Assessment Design

Mindbridge individually tailors assessment protocols to evaluate an organization or initiative’s progress towards its goals — vitally important information for foundations as well as donors.

Program Advising

Mindbridge integrates psychological and neurobiological insight into program development at the outset.

Researcher Support

Mindbridge acts as ambassador for researchers seeking to take their data from laboratory to application.

Organization Support

Mindbridge connects organizations, programs, and initiatives to researchers and laboratories.