Mindbridge Programs & Services

Study Design

Helping NGOs and government institutions engage more thoughtfully with target populations through individually tailored study designs.

Program Assessment

Mindbridge constructs psychologically-based assessment protocols to evaluate an organization or initiative’s progress towards its goals or program success rate.

Advising & Training Seminars

Unlocking the power of psychology and neuroscience through one-on-one advising and workshop seminars.


Linking cutting edge-research to government and non-governmental organizations. Translating scientific research into actionable real-world solutions.


The last quarter of a century has brought unprecedented growth and development in the psychological and neurobiological sciences. Research has played a significant role in understanding the interdependent relationship between our physiology and socio-cultural factors that ultimately give rise to our behavior and day-to-day experience. Today psychology and neuroscience shed new light on an array of topics including: aging, education, law, mental illness, violence, youth, empowerment, and beyond.

Mindbridge harnesses this knowledge and insight in the development of novel experimental studies tailored to answer essential behavioral questions and test innovative ideas. Due to the size and breadth of these studies, Mindbridge selects only two to three studies annually. To propose a study for your organization or project please contact us.

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Program assessment is an essential tool for any organization, program, or initiative. Evaluations and assessments are used to improve an organization’s effectiveness while illustrating accountability to the public. This gathering of data aids organizations in understanding whether or not they are making progress towards and can significantly improve a program’s overall effectiveness. For organizations who are working with specific target populations, assessment studies can serve as a window into understanding just how their programing are effecting individuals who choose to participate. Further, today’s foundations and philanthropists have placed an increased demand for organizations to show accountability and tracking of program goals and outcomes.

Mindbridge designs assessment tools individually adapted to meet the needs of organizations, programs, or initiatives. Using an integrative model, Mindbridge blends psychological and neurobiological insight with interdisciplinary expertise to gain an inclusive understanding of the multiple and often complex dimensions of a given program. Mindbridge assessment design ranges from one-time tool development to ongoing monitoring systems. To discuss how Mindbridge can design your program assessment model, please contact us below.

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Advising & Training Seminars

Mindbridge offers an array of advising and training seminars tailored to meet the needs and interests of an organization. Groups can learn more about the overarching ways in which our psychology and neuroscience informs our every day experience or can gain a more nuanced understanding as to the unique way in which the interaction of mind and brain impacts the focus of their organization specifically. To bring Mindbridge to your organization for advising or to offer a workshop or seminar, please contact us below.
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Today thousands of government and non-governmental organizations champion a vast array of humanitarian efforts ranging from economics, to education, to the cessation of violence, and beyond. Simultaneously researchers investigate links between brain plasticity and rural poverty, the ways in which our neurobiology affects the way we learn, as well as the socio-psychosocial and neurobiological foundations of violence and aggression. And yet, too infrequently do the two sides come together.

Mindbridge links cutting edge research at our nation’s leading laboratories to negotiators, political leaders, and field workers across the globe. Here Mindbridge acts as ambassador:

  • Linking laboratory research to application
  • Identifying areas where cognitive science and neuroscience may inform policy and practice
  • Synthesizing interdisciplinary approaches for optimal application of scientific knowledge in the field
  • Generating programmatic options to ground policy and practice for institutions and their constituents
  • Developing training modules for leaders in sustainable implementation

If you are a researcher or organization, to find out how Mindbridge can link your work please contact us below.

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